How to Connect your Region to OSGrid


Before you start Opensim the first time, sign in at OSGrid using their web site ( Then use the map on the OSGrid web site to find a free spot on the map, without a name defined yet. Write down it’s x and y grid coordinates.

Find out your external IP number (domain names cannot be used in Region files), as well as the http port number your server uses (see http_listener_port in the OpenSim.ini file). Choose a name for your region and use the list on the OSGrid web site to check that this region name is not used already.

Connect your region to OSGrid

Now start Opensim the first time. It will ask you for the previously mentioned information. Enter “” as internal IP address. Your name and password entered makes the avatar you have just created in OSGrid the estate manager of your region. All this information is stored in a so called region file, that you can find in the Opensim Regions subdirectory afterwards.

You can change region files afterwards using a text editor (and by restarting the region server process), for example to change the name, grid position or estate manager of that region, but never change the UUID of a region in a region file.

Beside making backups of your OpenSim.ini configuration file, you should also make backups of your region file. You will need these files for all future updates of your Opensim server.


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