Installing Mono and MySQL

Installing Mono

Because Opensim runs much better using an up-to-date Mono version, especially on 64 bit servers, you should update Mono on your computer to use the latest Mono version. To do this use the following installation guide:

First compile and install “mono” and then “libgdiplus”. “msc” is compiled and installed together with the “mono” package. That is the reason why both need to be installed in the same directory. Because the current Mono trunk version has the version number 2.5, I use a prefix directory name for my installation without a version number (“–prefix=/home/opensim/bin/mono”).

Then add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc configuration file (change the paths if required):

# Mono 2.5
export PATH=”/home/opensim/bin/mono/bin:$PATH”
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=”/home/opensim/bin/mono/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH”
export MANPATH=”/home/opensim/bin/mono/share/man:$MANPATH”

The value of MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU is important for the stability of Opensim. If you experience crashes during Opensim startups, especially for regions with many scripts, try lower and higher numbers. 80 works best on my Intel Xeon 3200 quadcore servers.

Start a new command window and enter “mono -V”. Now it should show the Mono version number 2.5.

Installing MySQL Database

It is recommended use MySQL as database for Opensim on Linux servers, where I use separate database catalogs per region. Install MySQL as described for your Linux distribution. Optimize the MySQL configuration files as described here:

In the MySQL configuration file you can specify a different directory (datadir) to store MySQL databases. For example I store all MySQL databases under /home/mysql/. If you intend to change the data directory, you should have a look at the following page, especially if AppArmor is also installed on your computer:

You need to check if the permissions of the new data directory and files are set properly to the user and group “mysql” and that this user has read and write rights, otherwise MySQL will show an error message during startup.

MySQL Administrator (mysql-admin) and MySQL Query Browser (mysql-query-browser) are good tools to administer MySQL databases. I use these MySQL tools also to create new database catalogs for new regions, where I use the same names as the region names; and to fix problems in the database that from time to time can be caused by bugs in Opensim. For such fixes you need some understanding of the Opensim database structure (see

If you get “access denied” error messages, when you try to use these tools, especially when MySQL is installed on another computer, you should have a look at this web page:


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