Group Permissions for Land and Objects

A while ago, mcortez and his flotsam project have provided Opensim the source code to add group functionality to Opensim. And after a short interruption, because of security issues that needed to get fixed, it is now part of all newer Opensim versions and available at most OSGrid regions.

The Groups Module allows people to define and join groups. So today we all can use fancy group tags like in Second Life, which are defined as part of the group roles. In addition it is possible to send and receive group instance messages and group notices. Voice conferences can be used if all attendees are on voice enabled regions using the same voice server.

What was still missing were group permissions for land and objects. These allow land and object owners to define the rights other people have to change the contents of their parcels of land or to change objects itself.

This functionality is essential for collaborative building projects, where you want to allow just a specified group of builders to be able to rez or change objects. Till now, you had to allow all people to build on your land and to modify common objects (by tagging “allow anyone to move”). This was quite risky, because griefers could rez objects or even destroy what you have built together.

With today’s Opensim trunk version 9817 group permissions for land and objects have been added to Opensim.

To get group permissions working, I had to add group permission checks to the Opensim Permissions Module. This new functionality is very similar like in Second Life, but currently there are still limitations, because some related functionality has not been implemented in Opensim yet.

For example it is not possible to define object inventory items as being shared. And currently it is not possible to allow group members to edit certain settings of land they do not own in the About Land window. Thus currently it is not wise to deed land to a group, but land shared by a group, with the corresponding rights set in About Land, is a very useful new feature.


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