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Hosted Regions in OSGrid

My company Dreamland Metaverse offers high quality regions in OSGrid and standalone regions based on open source OpenSim virtual world servers. Our goal is to provide our renters a good service for a fair price.

Since over 1.5 years our regions in OSGrid are known for their high reliability, using the latest stable OpenSim versions. Our good references show, that we are able to maintain high service quality.

Many residents have chosen our regions (like the shopping mall regions Samsara and Snoopies) as their login locations, because our regions run more reliably than the main OSGrid plazas.

Because we focus on quality, we have chosen the following server configuration:

  • We focus on best quality regions for OSGrid and as standalone regions
  • Dedicated, high performance Intel Quad-Core Xeon servers optimized for OpenSim
  • Enough computing power, memory and bandwidth for a low lag experience
  • Servers located close to the central OSGrid servers for higher performance
  • Service monitoring tools for 7×24 availability
  • Daily data backups and redundant RAID 1 hard drives
  • Import and export of region contents (OAR archives)
  • All region owners get estate manager rights
  • Land can be split, joined, subleased and sold
  • Web portal with service management tool for our customers
  • Search, groups, offline messages, voice and money (PayPal), HyperGrid

We offer the following region types, where the minimum renting duration is 3 months.

  • Basic – OSGrid or Standalone Region
    Regions mainly intended for landscapes and regions with low building density

    8’000 prims, 10 visitors, shared Intel quadcore, 512 MB memory
    no setup costs; monthly rent: US$ 30
  • Residential – OSGrid or Standalone Region
    Best solution for residential land – with the capacity you need for a typical region
    12’000 prims, 40 visitors, shared Intel quadcore, 1 GB memory
    no setup costs; monthly rent: US$ 45
  • Professional – OSGrid or Standalone Region
    Regions for business and event areas – allows many prims, scripts and visitors
    16’000 prims, 80+ visitors, dedicated Intel core, 2 GB memory
    no setup costs; monthly rent: US$ 90

If you are interested, you can order a region on our web site. I am happy to answer any questions.

Dreamland Metaverse
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